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Water purification tablets are used for the purification of contaminated water to make it suitable for potable purposes. Starting a business in this field is a rewarding work. In other words, you are solving an immediate issue for your customer and working on something that you truly care about.
At present due to lack of awareness of water purification tablets most of the people adopt water filtration systems in their homes which might have hazardous affects in their body, as a solution to this water purification tablets can be used which do not have any harmful impact on human body. You can start the distribution of water purification tablets in your city, state, country, or online for the best results.
Ef-Chlor® water purification tablets are manufactured by Hind Pharma which is a FDA, GMP, GLP, ISO (9001:2015, 9001:14001, 9001:45001) certified and renowned pharmaceutical company.
We are one of the trusted water purification tablet manufacturers in India. Over the 4.5 decades of our journey, Ef-Chlor has become the worlds leading water purification tablets and the largest manufacturer of NaDCC tablets for disinfection and sterilization purposes. Ef-Chlor produces effervescent chlorine which is widely used disinfectant in water treatment.