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    #1 Best NaDCC Tablets Manufacturer In India

    Ef-Chlor water purification tablets are manufactured by Hind Pharma which is a WHO, FDA, GMP, GLP, ISO Intertek UK certified renowned pharmaceutical company. Ef-Chlor strongly competes in the category of best NaDCC tablets manufacturer in India for the most preferred water purification method worldwide. Over the 4.5 decades of our journey, Ef-Chlor has become the worlds leading water purification tablets and the largest manufacturer of NaDCC tablets for disinfection and sterilization purposes worldwide.

    Most Preferred Water Purification Tablets

    Ef-Chlor produces effervescent NaDCC chlorine tablets used for the water disinfection method in the world. We are a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of the best water purification and disinfection tablets. We have established ourselves by providing quality products with a marketing presence in almost all over India, Europe, United States, Africa, South America, Middle East & Asian Countries.

    Best Water Purification Tablets Manufacturer

    With over 5 million tablets manufactured per day, Ef-Chlor® is the world’s leading best water purification tablets manufacturer company in the world. Water purification tablet compositions for the purification of contaminated water to make it suitable for potable purposes. Starting a water purification tablets business can be really rewarding work. In other words, we can say you are solving an immediate issue for your customer and you’re working on something you truly care about.
    Nowadays people who cannot afford to install full water filtration systems in their homes just settle for buying water purification tablets to purify water in their homes. You can start the distribution/reselling of water purification tablets in your city, state, country, or online. Just scroll to the top of the page and request to quote as per the need for the best water treatment tablets. Request A Quote >>